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Clinical Psychology

Psychology is the science of the mind and of behaviour. Clinical psychology is the application of this science to the assessment and treatment of mental health and cognitive difficulties. My clinical psychology service specialises in the assessment and treatment of adults with mental health difficulties.

The history of clinical psychology is as fascinating as the subject itself. For centuries minds have attempted to understand minds and, as you might imagine, minds have sometimes struggled. Nevertheless, through dedicated research and observation clinical psychologists have developed good scientific evidence-bases in regards to the most common experiences of mental health difficulties and the most effective ways of treating them.

However, it is by no means an exact science, as there are simply too many factors that can influence the way that we each think, feel and behave for anyone to be able to successfully, and without bias, reduce the whole of the human experience to a particular scientific model. Therefore, whilst I will draw upon the evidence-bases when assessing and treating an individual, I will never lose sight of the fact that the people I work with are individuals and will therefore have their own personal psychology.

Integrative clinical psychologists, such as myself, believe that the best way of understanding an individual is not to try to fit them into a particular model, but to combine various aspects of the main psychological models to fit to the individual. The main psychological models are typically cognitive behavioural, systemic, psychodynamic and person-centred, and, when appropriate, their careful integration can often lead to an understanding that effectively captures all aspects of the individuals’ own experiences. This is called a 'formulation', which is then used to design an individual treatment plan that focuses on relieving psychological distress and promoting positive change and personal development in the areas most needed. 

Clinical psychologists are often set apart by their ability to fully assess and formulate an individual’s psychological health. This is perhaps due to the extensive training that has been undertaken in order to be awarded a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology; to achieve Chartered status with the British Psychological Society and to maintain registration with the Health and Care Professions Council.