Dr. Kerrie Poulson
BSc (Hons), DClinPsych, CPsychol





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Important Information

I have outlined below some of the information that it is important for you to understand before engaging with my service. This includes information about confidentiality and consent, what to do in a crisis situation, what to do if you have a complaint, what my qualifications are and how to find out more about my fees. If you decide to engage with my service I will be obliged to ask you to sign a form to say that you understand and accept these terms and conditions. 

Confidentiality: Anything that you say during our time together will remain confidential unless I have reason to believe that you are at risk of harming yourself or another, or that you are at risk of being harmed by another. Should any of these be the case, I will discuss with you what I need to do to ensure your safety and wellbeing. I also receive regular supervision from another qualified clinical psychologist during which I may discuss certain details about your situation, however, my supervisor is also bound by the same rules of confidentiality.

Consent: It is important that you willingly consent to talking with me and to providing me with personal details about yourself. Although this information will remain confidential, it is sometimes useful for me to contact other health professionals that are involved in your care, such as your GP. If this is the case I will ask for your consent to do so. If you have been referred via another health professional they may wish for a report to be written about our work together, and again you will need to consent to this prior to us meeting. In this case you will also be given the option of seeing the report before it is sent to the referrer.

Crisis Situations: I am afraid that I must emphasise that I will not be able to help in emergency or crisis situations. Should such an occasion arise I strongly advise you to contact your GP, your out of hours GP service, or, if necessary, call 999 for the Emergency Services. You can also call 08457 909090 at any time to speak to a trained Samaritan.

Complaints: I am governed by the ethics and professional guidelines of the British Psychological Society (BPS), so if at any time you feel that you have reason for concern you can contact them on 0116 254 9568 or at, however, I would ask that you consider raising any concerns with me first. Within the parameters of the BPS guidelines I am able to offer confidential and professional advice and therapeutic assessments and interventions, however, I am unable to offer any guarantee of success as each person can respond differently to therapy. Nevertheless, I will endeavour to plan our time together to best suit your needs. 

Qualifications: I completed my psychology degree at Brunel University, I then worked for 18 months in a primary care mental health service before being accepted on the University of Essex-Tavistock Clinic Doctoral Course. Following its completion I returned to work in primary care settings before becoming a private practitioner. Please feel free to check my membership with the British Psychological Society (no. 153257) and my registration with the Health and Care Professions Council (no. PYL25855). I also have Enhanced Disclosure from the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB).

Fees: As far as possible I try to extend my general ethos of meeting each individual's needs to my prices; therefore please contact me to discuss your circumstances and find out more about my payment options.